Re: Houseplants

Kenneth Leong (
Wed, 23 Nov 1994 11:31:50 +1000 (+1000)

> I put this question to the listserve several months ago, but there seem
> to be a myriad of new subscribers, so I'll ask it again.
> Have any of you out there had success with growing a Nepenthes in a low
> humidity environment (30-50 percent)?
> The respnoses that I have gotten in the past have been:
> N.maxima, N.fusca, N.mirabilis (Thai) and N.mirabilis (anamensis variety).
> I am currently trying the N.maxima and plan to try N.fusca as soon as my
> new baby gets big enough for a cutting.
> Chris

Hi Chris,

I live in Townsville, Australia. The humidity where I live is
quite low. I've grown N. Kampotiana, N. Mirabilis Borneo, N. Rafflesiana
in the shade with plenty of light. But the top part of the pitcher
doesn't last very long, probably for about a week only. The lid gets
droopy during the afternoon then recovers in the mornings. Then after
about a week, the lid dries up and the top part of the pitcher dies. But
I have plants which are kept in a large fishtank with a glass lid and
shade cloth outside the house. The pitchers of these plants (the same
variety) lasts for months. I haven't been able to get N. Maxima to
pitcher properly both indoors and outdoors. When it's outside in the
tank, it dies because it can't handle the heat like the other plants.
When it's outdoors, but outside the tank, the pitcher begins to form
then seems to stop forming when it is 1 or 2 cms long and retains a dark
tan colour. The same thing happens when I put it in the shade. Later,
I'll see if I can get pitchers if I put it into a fishtank under shade
to get the humidity up.

Good growing,

Kenny Leong.