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Tue, 22 Nov 1994 18:26:00 +0900

Hello !My name is Keiichi Osaka,Please call me Kei,(You can call me without
Mr,)I'm living in Japan, I'm joining Carnivorous Plants Society Of Japan and
Australia,Most of my favorite plants is Nepenthes,I'll visit Borneo or Sulawes
in next year(If I have any time and money,But as the old Japanese proverb sayi
ng"Poor man have no time," I think this is true,)If you have any interested,Pl
easecontact me,And if you have been to these place before,Please let me know a
it,I went to WEST AUSTRALIA in end of september,Then I saw 40species CP includ
valiations,I saw Tuber Drosera,Cephalotus,U,menziesii,Polypomphlix,And Pigmy
Drosera,If you have any interested about it,Please contact me,But my English
is quite poor,Don't forget about it,

Best regard,