Re: Making baby droseras

Pekka Ala-Siuru (
Tue, 22 Nov 1994 09:53:40 +0200 (EET)

On Mon, 21 Nov 1994, Brian Jones wrote:

> To all and sundry Drosera enthusiasts:
> I would like to make more little Drosera ????? that I have.
> All this nifty in vitro sterilization stuff is, well, nifty; is
> there a relatively simple way to make baby Drosera from growing ones?

Most Drosera can be grown from cuttings very fast, just cut a leaf and put
to moist peat and you'll have a new one in couple a weeks. Don't let 'em dry.

..good luck and growing..

> Yours,
> -BJ

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