Re: Radiation and VFTs

Patrick Cox (
Wed, 16 Nov 1994 16:04:23 AST

Alan wrote:

=>In the late 60's, a friend of mine did a Science Fair project on VFT seeds
=>which were exposed to various levels of radiation. I don't remember the
=>type of radiation or amount, but the results were striking. Each increase
=>in the radiation level caused the resulting seedlings to be smaller. Sigh,
=>we were hoping for man-eaters... ;-)

A high percentage of mutations, either natural or induced, are
unfavourable. Whatever is considered favourable is up to the
individual. Mostly the mutations are 'fatal' (not quite the right
word). Also due to the large number of genes, master genes, and
gene interactions, there would have to be a number of favourable
mutations occuring in the correct positions to get a positive outcome.

Patrick (o o)
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