Barry Meyers-Rice (
Thu, 10 Nov 1994 11:55:54 -0700

Regarding the recent inquiry on CITES, I have the CITES convention and
text (16 April 1993), however they are too large to post. But I looked through
for all CP species and found the following entries...


S.alabamensis alabamensis (a.k.a. S. rubra alabamensis)
S.jonesii (a.k.a. S. rubra jonesii)



Dionaea muscipula (VFTs)
Darlingtonia californica
All other Sarracenia not already noted on Appendix I
All other Nepenthes not already noted on Appendix I

Quoting from the Appendix II documentation, the appendix II restrictions
``....all parts and derivatives, except:
a) seeds, spores and pollen (including pollinia); and
b) tissue cultures and flasked seedling cultures''

Quoting from the convention text (Article II):

1. Appendix I shall include all species threatened with extinction
which are or may be affected by trade. Trade in specimens of these
species must be subject to particularly strict regulation in order
not to endanger further their survival and must only be authorized
in exceptional circumstances.
2. Appendix II shall include:
(a) all species which although not necessarily now threatened
with extinction may become so unless trade in specimens of such
species is subject to strict regulation in order to avoid
utilization incompatible with their survival; and
(b) other species which must be subject to regulation in
order that trade in specimens of certain species referred to in
sub-paragraph (a) of this paragraph may be brought under
effective control.