Re: Venus fly traps

Clarke Brunt (
Wed, 26 Oct 94 00:25:25 GMT

> OK, I keep my Fly traps in a terrerium, and I know it's time for them
> and the Sarracenia to go dormate, How do I do this? SLowly move them into a
> colder room? Do I keep them in the terrerium for Higher humidity? Or leave
> them in the open?
> As for my 5-10 year old bulbs, I started late this summer, LIke Auguest,
> What do I do with them now, that there's no Bugs/flies to feed them?
> I'm sure that turning them to dormate would hurt them, in such a short
> period of growth, and would hate to lose them, they sure have large size traps
> thanx for ALL info.

Maybe the conditions in a British cool greenhouse (minimal heat in
Winter, keeping above say 45F/8C) suit Sarracenia and Dionaea, but I
never have to make a fuss about this Winter dormancy. The plants just
stay where they are in the water tray, and come through Winter looking
pretty much the same as in Summer only less active. Is it because some
of you are in different climates that you need to bury your VFTs, or
keep them in the 'fridge?

Clarke Brunt (