Rick Walker (
Tue, 25 Oct 1994 12:26:40 -0700

Glenn Rankin <> writes:
> In my query about seed dealers, I was referring to the list of dealers
> that I got from the list server. Your message to me seems to indicate
> that there is also a collection of dealers' plant (and seed) lists
> available online. How do I access that?
> If such a collection exists, I would be happy to update selection and
> prices for the three or four dealers I plan on contacting.

In addition to transcripts of all traffic on the mailing list, there are also
the following files in the CP archives:

cp.suppliers ; list of addresses of known commercial vendors
cp.sellerlist ; merged price lists from each vendor
cp.growlist ; Master Grow/Trading list for members of this list
cp.societies ; list of known cp societies
cp.masterlist ; merged supplier/grower/bibliography/world list
cpbooks ; bibliography of CP literature
jans.db ; Jan Schlauer's world CP list (ascii format)

The cp.sellerlist and cp.growlist files are computer generated from a
bunch of separate files, one per vendor/grower. The format is the same
in each case. If you have never sent me your growlist, then email me
for a description of the proper format. I can also send you last year's
listing so you simply have to edit in any changes.

I've found these lists to be very handy at CP auctions, sales, etc. It
helps sober you up in the heat of bidding when you can see that Orgel's
has the same plant for 1/4 the price!

The growlist is great to look at to see who has various plants. You can
then contact the person privately for either a trade, or to get growing