Ron Ruppel (
Sun, 16 Oct 1994 00:39:26 -0400 (EDT)

Howdy folks - Ron Ruppel from Ft Pierce, FL here. I've downloaded the
archives & have been scanning them. Lotsa good info there. Hope some day
to be able to help someone as much as y'all are helping me.
I'm newly back into cp's after a several year hiatus. Rebuilding mostly
by seed, but I have a few adult plants - several Droseras, including a
few pygmies, several Utrics, several VFT's, including 2 of the red form,
a couple of lowland Nepenthes, and a ping. primulaflora.
My seeds are being very frustrating - so far a large group of
D.spathulata Kansai, 1 D.ramellosa, 3 pygmies, and assorted other
Droseras have made the scene. I'm still waiting for a couple of pygmies,
3 or 4 tuberous, and a $@^$%$# Drosophyllum. I got some GA and have put
several seeds in to prod them along. Too soon to tell if it's being
effective. (Any hints would be welcome - I've cut them a la Pietropaolos,
filed them down to white - nothing has worked so far. They're in the GA,
so maybe this is premature)
My current main focus is Utrics - particularly Brasilian. If anyone could
tell me how to get Taylor'smonograph, I would greatly appreciate.