Re: Fruit flies, but nuts sink

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Tue, 27 Sep 1994 05:07:48 GMT

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> Date: Thu, 22 Sep 94 22:26 EDT
> From: "Michael.Chamberland" <23274MJC@MSU.EDU>

> Best would be the flightless "vestigial winged" or "Curly winged" mutants.
> You can load these in to an old empty Parmesian Cheese dispenser and
> liberally sprinkle the flies over your collection!

Make sure you label it well or you'll get a hell of a shock
next time you have spaghetti! :-)

> I wonder if it is possible to home-breed these bugs to maintain a
> constant supply... much as I home-raised earthworms for my South
> American cichlids.
Drosophila ( beloved of Drosera? :-) can be raised easily in
yoghurt pots containing a spoonful of mashed banana and some
crumpled paper for pupation ( I used to breed mantids. ) If
you cut out a piece of stocking ( your wife will be pleased :)
you can elastic band it over the top to prevent too many escapees.
You need to change the banana fortnightly or so, and keep it
in a warm place. Voila, an endless supply ( you do inevitably
end up with a few tribes of them roaming the house though :)

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