Re: Spaghnum
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 14:32:11 +1200


Thats Fraser, Frasier is the guy on TV.

>- I have used NZ sphagnum for a long time for orchids, and I
>would bet that more quantity is used for potting orchids than by CP

>There is always a search among orchid growers for sources of NZ
>sphagnum. I purchase a long fibre and a short fibre product from OFE
>products in Miami, Florida. Mostly, people in the orchid industry (and
>amateurs) use the long fibre.

>One type that is very difficult to find is live NZ sphagnum. I
>personally have never been able to find it available. Everything I have
>seen is dried and compressed. I do not know what your grading standards
>so I cannot comment with any more intelligence on that topic.

>If there is any more you can tell us about the proper handling of NZ
>sphagnum I would be grateful if you could let me know. I am also a sysop
>on the gardening forum on CompuServe.

Of course there is plenty here, but that won't help much.
I posted some time ago that spaghnum is very hardy, and will stand quite low
temperatures. It also withstands drying to a degree without dying.
However, for exporters trying to minimise costs of transport, the drier the
better. I assume it must be sold by volume, as incomplete drying would be a
definite advantage if it was sold by weight.

Perhaps the importers into your country would bring in a wetter shipment if
their contacts were prepared to supply it.

It grows easily, keep it cool, in moderate light, with good quality water.


Fraser Broom
Fraser Broom