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Philip F. Wight (
Thu, 22 Sep 1994 18:51:29 -0700 (PDT)

Frasier - I have used NZ sphagnum for a long time for orchids, and I
would bet that more quantity is used for potting orchids than by CP growers.

There is always a search among orchid growers for sources of NZ
sphagnum. I purchase a long fibre and a short fibre product from OFE
products in Miami, Florida. Mostly, people in the orchid industry (and
amateurs) use the long fibre.

One type that is very difficult to find is live NZ sphagnum. I
personally have never been able to find it available. Everything I have
seen is dried and compressed. I do not know what your grading standards
so I cannot comment with any more intelligence on that topic.

If there is any more you can tell us about the proper handling of NZ
sphagnum I would be grateful if you could let me know. I am also a sysop
on the gardening forum on CompuServe.

Thanks for your assistance.

On Thu, 22 Sep 1994 wrote:

> A colleague has been working with the NZ spaghnum industry for a few months
> now. This prompts a couple of questions to ask of cp growers in other
> countries, particularly the US.
> The NZ industry is primarily geared towards the production of long fibre
> moss of specific colour for the Japanese orchid industry. I believe the
> major use of that moss in Japan is as a wrapping around pots rather than as
> a potting material.
> A lot of product does not meet the required standard, but may of course be
> suitable for other uses.
> Is the dried material redily available in the US?
> What grades are available?
> What other grades would be suitable for the use of cp growers?
> Fraser Broom
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