CPN Binders

Thu, 22 Sep 94 21:32:03 EDT

Tom and ALL,

The Binders are as follows:
Color-- Pepper Green with White ink for art and text (CPN Mast Head)
Binder Desc and Size-- 1.5 inches capacity Binder 12 wire magazine medal for
a 9 inches tall and 6 inches wide sheet size.
There is no end label but is room to add or write the vols enclosed.
They use metal rods which are locked down through the inner division (central
fold) of the mag. As I stated before they can hold 12 issues of your choice
and can be removed at any time. The cost per binder will be $9.75 per Binder
(holds 12
CPNs) For Quantities of 25 or more, 20% Discount. Foreign orders: Add
20%,Via Surface mail.

Please include $2.00 shipping and Handling
Send to: Steve Baker, Rt 1, Box 540-19AB, Conover, NC 28613, USA
(Please allow four weeks for delivery, telephone orders not accepted)

Steve Baker