What is a ping? Was: Re: CP digest 110

Walter Greenwood (GATOR@rad.arad.upmc.edu)
Thu, 22 Sep 1994 12:47:22 EST5EDT

Howdy nepenthophiles. How's it hangin?

Many of you may also be interested to know that "ping" is a way of
determining whether or not some other computer on your network, or
some other connected network, is turned on and reasonably alive. One
computer can "ping" another by sending packets to it and waiting for
a response. It is a commonly used procedure among those of us
unfortunate enough to be responsibly for network troubleshooting.

I bring this up because we are all connected to networks one way or
another, and the word may come up and cause some of you to wonder
whether computer hacks also know about butterworts. (Actually, some
of us _do_.)