Re: N. mirabilis cuttings

jay gitomer (
Thu, 22 Sep 1994 12:19:01 -0400

Okay, I bite-- *what* spaghum moss fungus?

Thanks, Tom, for sending the cutting. I'm looking forward to attempting my
first cp.


I have a 10g tank that's too small to put a lizard or a frog in, but I think
would be okay for a few small plants.

Are there specific cps that do best in an enclosed (humid) environment?
Basically, I guess what I'm asking is for someone to tell me what to put in
this tank, what temps it should be, how humid, what light cycles, etc. Oh, and
good sources for where to get specimens.

Would a full-spectrum light be more beneficial than a broad spectrum light?

I'm a total beginner, so I'm interested in cps with basic needs that be
educational and prepare me for challenging species. Looking back on your
initial cp experiences, you all must have a lot of good suggestions and
warnings. I'm all ears.

Any info appreciated, book recommendations in particular.