Wintering cp's WHERE in North America

Mon, 19 Sep 1994 14:31:54 -0400 (EDT)

Robert Tarrall wrote:

>Could you tell us WHERE in North America this was? I've heard
>Floridians and folks in the northern Rockies both complain of "dreadfully
>cold weather with record lows"... For the former that meant a couple of
>nights where IT ACTUALLY GOT BELOW 0C, causing longtime residents to suspect
>the Apocalypse was nigh, and for the latter it meant a week where the
>*high* was about -25C. I suspect you're somewhere in between?

and, Janice Ritter wrote:

>Perry, you said you buried your VFT's for the winter
>and they did fine. You may want to clarify where in
>North American a.) VFT's come from and winter, and
>b.) where you live. :-) North America is huge, and the
>climates differ vastly in the winters.

Yes, folks, after I sent my original message I had a
feeling I'd get hammered for being imprecise.

I live in a suburb of Washington, DC. This past winter
brought at least one month of constant sub-freezing
temperatures (even in the day time), and many nights
saw the mercury plunge to below -7 F. For Washington,
DC that's damned cold. The weather system kept much
of the East Coast under similar conditions, so I don't
think we fared much better than Boston (perhaps 5 degrees F
or so). In fact, I suspect that it was extremely cold
as far south as North Carolina where Venus fly traps
come from. Perhaps Jeff Welch can verify this?

By the way, Rob Sacilotto's Sarraceniae survived remarkably
well. He lives in rural Virginia and the temperatures were
about 8 degrees colder there than in DC during last winter.
He covered his Sarracenia patch with a foam blanket, but
that's all. They all came back with a vengeance this past