winter storage of cp's

Janice Ritter x5444 (
Mon, 19 Sep 94 13:59:26 -0400

Perry, you said you buried your VFT's for the winter
and they did fine. You may want to clarify where in
North American a.) VFT's come from and winter, and
b.) where you live. :-) North America is huge, and the
climates differ vastly in the winters.

Here around Boston we had sub-zero temperatures for many
many days in the winter, and I had thought that the VFTs,
even buried, couldn't survived this harsh kind of weather.
I'm definiately no expert, but we lost some plant-life
around here that have survived many winters before, so
I'm just wondering.

Now if you live in Canada and your VFTs made it, I'll buy
some and do the same thing, as I know Canada had it even
worse than we did last winter.

Definitely just feeling a little confused. :-)

Janice Ritter