N. "celebensis"

Walter Greenwood (GATOR@rad.arad.upmc.edu)
Mon, 12 Sep 1994 12:37:52 EST5EDT

> I have obtained Nepenthes from Marcel Lecoufle that is merked as
> N. celebensis. Does anybody know what is it?
> Tomas

Do the leaf blades undulate like lasagna noodles? If so, it is, to
the best of my knowledge, a very nice N. maxima from Sulawesi
(Celebes). Is it green or red? I had a bunch of them back in the late
80's, but lost them all to a bad freeze. :-( Most were pale green,
but one was reddish, and showed promise of getting darker.

Take care of it. It gets to be quite handsome.