Re: cuttings

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Mon, 12 Sep 1994 10:40:09 -0400

First, I don't mean to inconvenience the whole list group, but I received a
good chunk of requests, so this is the only convenient way to respond.

For those requesting N. mirabilis cuttings, my address for postage ($2.90) is:

Tom Massey
16404 Norwood Drive
Tampa, FL 33624

I have received something in excess of 25 requests, I am not sure I can handle
all of them. I will go by the date and time of receipt of the original request
to assign priority. I am pretty sure I can get 15 or so, maybe more. If you
know you are far down on the request list, if you send me your postage money I
will try to fill the request or return the check. If you are uncomfortable
with that, wait awhile and I will be able to tell you if I can produce enough

For cuttings with long internodal distances (I think that means space from one
leaf node to the next - or maybe number of phone jacks) I will send a single
node (one leaf with stem on either side) other cuttings will be double nodes or
apical meristems. For new growers I will enclose my suggestions, guaranteed
to maybe sometimes work.

PS thanks for those who offered potential plants in exchange, much

Tom in Fl