odds and ends

Greg Long (greg.long@factory.com)
Fri, 9 Sep 94 18:56:00 -0500

OT>I am also considering cutting back my N mirabilis, damn thing is
OT>downright weedy. If anyone would like a cutting drop me a note
OT>(sorry US only). - I always hate to hear after the fact that a
OT>grower threw away the cuttings for a plant that I can't find. This
OT>is a good plant for beginners, very easy to grow. I have this
OT>plant growing in all kinds of wet conditions, including growing with
OT>roots submerged in standing water. The pitchers are mainly green,
OT>diffuse red on the lid and reduced wings. In outside sunny
OT>conditions the leaves turn deep maroon and are a nice contrast to the
green pitchers.


I am new to CP culture, and this sounds just like the type of plant I am
looking for. I currently am growing VFT's with great success and I am
ready to expand my collection. I read your post and just had to reply.
If you do have some cuttings, please tell me how to proceed to receive
them (send you postage or whatever).

Greg Long
1930 Tomlinson Ave.
Bronx, NY 10461


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