Re: odds and ends

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Fri, 9 Sep 1994 11:57:36 -0400

Just a few notes from my small collection. My N. x leesii and N.x
rokko, both males, are beginning new blooms. I was just about to cut
off the last of the N. Rokko scapes but decided to see if anything else
would bloom. I guess I'll wait another week or two and see if any of
the females take the hint.

I had an outbreak of thrips on my outside Sarrs. a week or so ago.
This time the pyrethrin spray didn't seem to phase them so I used
Malathion. I don't really like to use it, but was rewarded with lots of
little dead bodies littering the sphagnum and no harm to the Sarrs. The
S. luecos and their crosses are producing their fall pitchers, S minor
and a few others are producing their fall flowers. I haven't checked to
see if field populations are blooming.

I am also considering cutting back my N mirabilis, damn thing is
downright weedy. If anyone would like a cutting drop me a note (sorry
US only). - I always hate to hear after the fact that a grower threw
away the cuttings for a plant that I can't find. This is a good plant
for beginners, very easy to grow. I have this plant growing in all
kinds of wet conditions, including growing with roots submerged in
standing water. The pitchers are mainly green, diffuse red on the lid
and reduced wings. In outside sunny conditions the leaves turn deep
maroon and are a nice contrast to the green pitchers.

Tom in Fl