Re: odds and ends

Robert Tarrall (tarrall@refuge.Colorado.EDU)
Fri, 09 Sep 1994 10:14:44 -0600

Oliver T Massey CFS wrote:
-> I am also considering cutting back my N mirabilis, damn thing is downright
-> weedy. If anyone would like a cutting drop me a note (sorry US only). - I
-> always hate to hear after the fact that a grower threw away the cuttings for
-> plant that I can't find. This is a good plant for beginners, very easy to
-> grow. I have this plant growing in all kinds of wet conditions, including

Heya, I'm not likely to turn down an offer of plant material... :-)

I'm new to the list, and new to CPs in general but have a passel
of bromeliads and orchids doing fairly well at present, wanting to
expand my collection of "you can't grow that in Colorado!" (as my
mother keeps trying to tell me) plants...

What I've got is a well-lit east facing window and various humidity
ranges from about 30% up to near 100% - a couple of aquaria with
open tops and varying amounts of moisture in the bottom.

Sounds to me like what you've got is about what I'd want (ie weedy :-).
If what you've got is something I'm not too likely to kill given
the above, let me know... also let me know if you're selling, giving
away, or what. Thanks -

-Robert Tarrall.-
Unix System/Network Admin
CU - Boulder