Re: Utrics and Genlisea

John Taylor [Catweasel] (
Sat, 3 Sep 94 20:49:16 DST

>My _U.tetraloba_ continues to threaten me with a first-time flowering event
>as the scape elongates. Since _U.tricolor_---a related species---often
>produces scapes for me which invariably abort, I am in some suspense.

Mine (which I assume to be U.tricolor - no label...) does the same thing.
As soon as the scape reaches about 3" high the tip blackens and nothing
else happens. :-( I keep mine in about 1" of water (like all my other
Utrics) - perhaps they do require the "amphibious" conditions Slack
suggests? (Might give it a try this year...)


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