Utrics and Genlisea

Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@mips3.as.arizona.edu)
Fri, 2 Sep 1994 10:02:28 +0700

The Lentibulariaceous Newsletter: Vol 214

Some news from the greenhouse.

I'm pleased to note that both my clones of _G. repens_ and my clone of
_G. pygmaea_ flowered and keyed out safely (did I mention this already).
I've waited a long time for _G. pygmaea_ to flower---not that it's too
stunning or anything (at a distance it looks like _U.subulata_) but it
has been a long wait.

The mysterious ``_U.graminifolia_ `Japan' '' flowered. I keyed this out
again, very carefully, using a lab microscope. With ease it keyed out
to _U.graminifolia_. It is certainly not _U.uliginosa_, and I base this
on the smooth (not dendiculate) calyx margins, and long pedicels. I did
not look at the dorsal trap appendages but am satisfied nonetheless. So
I think the `Japan' note is probably erroneous and am dropping that descriptor
from my list.

My _U.tetraloba_ continues to threaten me with a first-time flowering event
as the scape elongates. Since _U.tricolor_---a related species---often
produces scapes for me which invariably abort, I am in some suspense.