spots on sarracenia
Fri, 26 Aug 1994 08:20:46 -0400

I am growing several species of sarracenia
together under lights in my basement. The
sar. flava has developed tiny black spots
which have concentrated around the hood
area (forming streaks) and to a lesser
extent as you go down the pitcher. Could
this be a fungus or bacterial disease? The
problem does not seem to affect the other
sarracenia next to it at the moment. Could
someone please help me Identify the
problem as I am worried I could loose the
plant and it could spread to my whole
collection. My growing conditions are:
relative humidity 70-80%, Temperature
74-80 F. Growing under lights. Area is
enclosed with plastic to maintain high
humidity as with a terrarium. Therefore
there is no ventilation.

Thanks in advance,