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24 Aug 94 01:22:38 GMT

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Well, time to introduce myself I guess. I live in Wales which is not
the best place in the world to be growing a lot of CPs, though we do
have some natives locally ( well, D. Rotundifolia anyway and rumoured P.
Vulgaris, ) I've been growing for about 4-5 years now ( if you don't
count the usual succession of failed VFT's in childhood - just can't
resist poking the traps when you're a kid <g>.)

I'm currently growing:

Byblis Gigantea (seeds not sprouted yet) - Cephalotus Follicularis -
Darlingtonia Californica - Dionaea Muscipula - Drosera Aliciae, D.
Anglica, D. Binata 'T-form', D. Capensis 'broad-leaf', D. Capensis
'Alba', D. Intermedia?, D. 'Lake Badgerup', D. Spathulata 'Kansai'?, D.
Spathulata 'Formosa'?, D. Rotundifolia - Nepenthes X 'Coccinea', N.
Khasiana, and 1 unidentifiable hybrid - Pinguicula Agnata, P.
Grandiflora, P. Moranensis 'Mexicana' ( so the label says, but I
appreciate that this remains an unresolved group, ) P. Vulgaris, P. X
'Weser', and 1 unknown specimen - S. (Alata X Flava 'Maxima'), S. Flava,
S. Leucophylla, S. Purpurea?, S. X 'Catesbaei', and 2 unidentifiable
hybrids - Utricularia Livida, U. Sandersonii - Heliamphora Nutans
deceased last summer after lingering decline :-( RIP

All marked '?' only tentatively identified from unreliable sources.

I've run out of sunny windowsills now so I'm expanding into the great
outdoors and if I don't buy a greenhouse before the winter comes, will be
concentrating on hardy species for a while.
I'm impressed with the Darlingtonia sprout ( tissue cultured, ) that
I stuck In one of my tubs outside last Autumn which endured temps down
to -15C without any die-back and is now producing adult pitchers quite
happily. I pampered my last one in sphagnum, rinsed the roots through daily
and gave it lots of attention only to watch it wither and die - that'll teach
I see from the recent posting that Capsella is offerred by the ICPS seed
bank. Has this been classified as carnivorous? I know the seeds trap
insects, but I wasn't aware of any digestive capabilities. And another
query - I found fleeting reference to Ibicella in the 'Letts Guide to
Carnivorous Plants' by Gordon Cheers, but can't find any information on it
anywhere. Anyone heard of it?
Anyway, good to see there are other CP-lovers out there,

good growing,

... Beware of the Venus Cat Trap !
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