Re: Water in S. purp.

Kenneth Hyers (
Tue, 23 Aug 1994 23:06:02 -0400 (EDT)

> Speaking of pitcher plants, do Sarr. purpurea fill up with water
> in the wild? I've noticed that if water gets in one of the traps,
> it doesn't run out.
> -BJ

I've noticed that when it rains my S. purp. hybrid fills completely w/
water until it tips over. The extra water then runs out. When the sun
comes back out the pitcher then "stands" back up. I don't know if the
sun evaporates enough water to allow the pitcher to stand back up, or
simply invigorates it enough to stand up. Probably a combination of
Incidentally, while visiting a bog on top of a mountain in Nova Scotia
last week I noticed that the S. purp., which were abundant, were not
overly full even though it had rained just a few days before. BTW, the
bog, which is atop French Mt. in Cape Bretton National Park, was crowded
with S. Purp, D. roundifolia and a yellow flowered Utric. that I
couldn't ID. I was delighted to see so many CPs in an unspoiled
habitat. The bog was clearly marked on tourist maps handed out at the
park entrance, and signs were posted explaining how the plants lived.
Visitors could view the plants from a boardwalk that wound through the
bog. However, there were no signs that the plants were molested by any
other mammals but moose. Apparently Canadians are alot better about
caring for and respecting the wilderness than are Americans. Gotta
respect those Cannuks, Eh?

Ken -