Free CP's for beginning enthusiasts

Sun, 21 Aug 1994 19:04:57 -0400 (EDT)

Hi everyone,

I recently obtained a generous portion of
Doug Atlas' CP collection. He was obliged to
part with many plants because he is moving and
cannot take the plants with him. Neither of us
wanted to see these plants thrown away.

Presently I have neither the desire nor
the means to cultivate most of what he gave me.
Since I'm not as pressed for time as Doug is, I
thought I'd keep the plants for a while and give
them out to whomever would like them.

We're talking about Sarraceniae and Droserae.
There are several full-sized Sarraceniae (minor,
leucophylla, and others) available, and tons of
seedlings (mostly purpurea). The Droserae are fairly
common, like capensis and spathulata (and others), but
still they are beautiful specimens.

Since these plants are not the rare and much
sought-after species, I expect that perhaps some beginner
CP enthusiasts would be interested. I'll be happy to give
plants to anyone who wants them, free of charge. I ask
only that shipping be paid by the recipient. For those
(terribly few) subscribers in the Washington, DC metropolitan
area, there would be no shipping charges--we can arrange
to meet somewhere. (I know you're not interested, Alex ;)

Anyone who is interested in obtaining some
Sarraceniae and Droserae, please send me e-mail.


Perry Malouf