Re: Re: Sick Sarracenia

John Taylor [Catweasel] (
Sun, 21 Aug 94 22:25:53 DST

>Sick plants:
>So I went to the plant pathology department yesterday. The department head
>thought it was a virus (but he's a virologist). Another professor suspected
>it was a fungus (but he studies fungus).

Did you ask any SETI scientists? ;-)

>This morning I looked at the
>plants and found the smoking gun---on some of the most infected leaves I
>found zillions of invertebrates. I took new samples into the entomology dept.
>and had it verified as thrips.
>To look for thrips, you'll probably need a hand-lens. Look for small crawling
>insects about 0.5--1.0 mm long, and about .25 mm wide. They are elongated
>crawling insects that are semi-transparent (at least mine are). They suck
>fluids and expell droplets onto the plant. I'm going to get rid of mine
>by swabbing the leaves with a bit of alcohol, and letting them sit in shade
>for a few hours as the alcohol dries. They apparently do not enter the roots.

They sound just like my Darlingtonia attackers. Only thrips? - how boring...
(I got a bit drastic and used Malascale on mine as the plants also had a
bad scale infestation :-( Seems to work well on mealy bugs too. Serve
myself right for neglecting my plants.)

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