RE: I live
Tue, 16 Aug 1994 08:09:29 +0930

Barry wrote:

" My _D. heterophylla_ has re-entered dormancy. This tuberous
species is new to my collection, recently arrived from Lowrie,
and as such is confused with seasons. But I am pleased that its
tuber has enlarged considerably from the time of its planting.
Miracid works on this species too! I am fascinated by this plant,
since I think it may be unique among the Droseraceae in that it
has many petals, instead of four or five. It hasn't flowered for
me, but in photographs it looks like a composite at a distance!"

I'm growing some from seed so they are still quite small. I'd
still like to know what the ingredients of Miracid are so I can
find a substitute. The manufacturer/distributor's name might help

" Finally, while my _Heliamphora minor_ merely continues to live
and put out pitchers, both of my _H. heterodoxa X nutans_ and
_H. minor X heterodoxa_ are producing bigger and bigger pitchers.
The largest one is perhaps 3cm diameter,
6 cm tall. And as our ingenious contributor Dave Britt can
attest, I'm growing these plants in intolerable conditions---60%
humidity, 110F, standing in water. Maybe the plants are in some
microclimate, but in any event, I consider myself fortunate!"

I'm a bit confused by all the _Heliamphora_ cultivation notes I
read. All books seem to suggest that they are likely to die if
you so much as breathe on them! My _H. heterodoxa_ grows well in
amongst my Sarra's, its pot in a larger pot of Sphagnum and
sitting in a tray of water. This seems to be the way South
Australian's grow them.