Re: I live

David Purks (telenet!twinkie!
Mon, 15 Aug 1994 17:35:06 -0400 (EDT)

Barry's got a rash:
> And another source of plant irritation, but of a different kind...Last
> weekend the missus and I spent a day digging a muddy hole on some
> Nature Conservancy land in order to help establish a new habitat for
> some endangered leopard frogs. Well, I get home and what do I find?
> A rash on my legs from Poison Ivy (_Toxicodendron radicans_, aka _Rhus
> radicans_). Sure, I saw plants in the area and knew what they were,
> and sure I avoided them, but apparently not well enough. What bugs me
> is that I spend so much time goofing with plants, caring for them,
> keying them, studying them, etc., that these plants should have left
> me alone! Some kind of detente should exist! They should have
> responded with, ``Oh, that's Barry---he's ok.'' I guess not, huh?
> Sheesh!

Problem is, you don't do all these neat things to this particular species.
They're jealous!