Malathion & Pyrethrin
Tue, 2 Aug 94 13:30:40 EDT

OK, I finally called the Poison Control Center (1-800-252-5655) and the
Pesticide Information Hotline (1-800-858-7378) and got the low-down on
Malathion and Pyrethrin.

Here is a sketch of each.


Pyrethrin is based on an extract from the Chyrsanthemum flower.

* It has very low toxicity to mammals.
* Oral ingestion can cause vomiting.
* Dermalogical exposure might cause irritaion that does not, in
general last for more than 24 hours.

* Pyrethrins do not cause irreversible central nervous system damage.


Malathion is based on organic phosphates.

* it is extremely toxic if inhaled (including vapors) and
> can cause resperatory damage
> can disrupt pulmanary function
> can cause diareah and vomiting

* if it is either inhaled or absorbed dermally, it may
> induce severe headaches and nausea
> cause central nervous system disorders
> cause hypertension
> induce seizures

* There is a danger of reabsorbtion.
> For instance, if you applied the pesticide with
leather gloves and the chemical got inside the
gloves, then you can continue to absorb the Malathion

* It is a hazard to fish/wildlife.