Re: Nepenthes Being Eaten!

Andreas Wistuba (A.Wistuba@DKFZ-Heidelberg.DE)
Tue, 2 Aug 1994 15:46:20 GMT+1

> If you use Malathion on your plants, be careful! A little too much
> Malathion can *FRY* your plants to a crisp.

I am still wondering whether you use Malathion concentrated without
prediluting it in Water to end up 0,1-0,2%. In this concentration if
sprayed on the leaves I never had any problems.

> It is also a

Are there any studies or papers where carcinogenesis with Malathion
is proved?

> Beware of applying it in a restricted space when you
> are in it, and do not get it in your eyes, mouth, nose, or on your
> hands. You will know you have been exposed to it when you receive
> a screaming headache a few hours later.

Of cause you should not apply any insecticide to yourself. By the
way, Pyrethroids seem to cause severe irreversible central nervous
damages. I'd rather use Malathion.


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