Re: CP digest 56

Rick Walker (
Mon, 01 Aug 1994 12:58:38 -0700


> Here's some info on a seller of Nepenthes in Australia:

Thanks for the info. I'll put in the "cp.sellerlist" archive.


> You mentioned Miracid in your answer, it has been mentioned also
> earlier here in the list, but we don't here in Finland have such
> stuff. Is it a fertilizer product? or hormone?. Commercial name?
> In Finland it is illegal to sell hormone products in public trade. I
> 'll try that eggwhite stuff, must it be dried? Can you explain the
> procedure, please.

Miracid is a balanced fertilizer suitable for hydroponic feeding with
micronutrients. It is also formulated to have an acidifying affect.
There are no hormones. You can probably find other fertilizers that are

The eggwhite is a commercially available, dry powder, used in baking.
I apply it with a small salt shaker and just sprinkle it on the ping
leaf surface. Don't get it on the soil or it will rot. I just sprinkle
it on as if I was very lightly salting my dinner. Too much can overload
the plant and it will not be completely digested. If you put on the right
amount, it will be totally absorbed in 24 hours.