Re: Nature et Paysages - A French CP Nursery

Paul Temple (
Fri, 29 Jul 94 18:00:25 +0100

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> If interested, the catalogue is free but I expect JJ would appreciate
> about $2 (or #1, 8FF, 3DM) to cover costs. JJ will quote for the cost
> when you sdubmit the order. Orders outside of Europe are difficult
> due to

>> According to a list I have, you need to send 9 IRCs for a catalog. Which
>> I did. I agree, the catalog is very interesting but $9.50 for a "free"
>> catalog?

Sorry, my fault for not asking Jean-Jaques what the price was.
However, IRC's are ALWAYS a very expensive method of payment. Cash is
always cheaper and a small value sent in the post is usually an
effective way to get a catalogue.

> I will try to publish the full list of plants if I get time.

>> I already submitted a grower's list to the CP listserver.

Serves me right for not looking in the CP listserver list first! Then
again, I've never attempted such high tech use of the system (ignore
the fact I work for Digital, I'm non-technical!).