Nature et Paysages - A French CP Nursery

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Thu, 28 Jul 94 20:06:47 +0100

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Following my recent visit to this Nursery I thought you'd appreciate
knowing about them so here goes...

SUMMARY: An excellent nursery with a good and wide range of healthy plants
looked after by a very knowledgable enthusiast.

Owner: My friend (that's me showing off again!) Jean-Jaques Labat
JJ is great, really friendly and really knowledgable.
However, he speaks French, NOT English. He can speak enough
English to handle plant orders though!

Location: South of France

Address: Nature et Paysages, 32360 Peyrusse-Massas, France.
Tel 62 65 52 48 Fax 62 65 50 44

Nearest main towen: Auch

Catalogue:Black and white, 74 pages. Icludes colour plates on front and
rear cover and the two centre pages.

Information given: covers all prices, growing advice for each plant,
mode of culture, number of plants sent per pot, whether young or adult
plant supplied, French locations for CP public collections, book
list, etc.

Plants supplied:
Aldrovanda - (needs special licence in France so probably
limited to France or Europe - ask)
Brocchinia - very mature plants
Byblis - both species
Catopsis - nice plants
Cephaltus - standard form
Dionaea - stocks the so called "forms" (i.e. prostatus,
filiformis, viridis and atrorubens) which
are not accepted as true forms but JJ claims
are distinct and therefore valid ( I saw them
and they are distict).
Drosera - 66 listed PLUS 3 natural hybrids
7 artificial hybrids
37 pymies
4 pygmy hybrids
27 tuberous
Genlisea - pygmaea, repens, violacea, hispidula
Heliamphora - heterodoxa, minor, nutans, het. x nutans
het. x ionasii, het. x minor.
Ibicella - (go on Jan, tell me it isn't a CP!)
Nepenthes - 34 in all
Pinguicla - 30 plus 2 hybrids
Sarracenia - 17 plus 12 hybrids
Utricularia - 47
Roridula - gorgonias (not a CP but often of interest)

Also includes beginners kits, soils, , collections and books (but not
mine - some friend!)

The Nursery: well maintained, clean, tidy and plants generally very well cared
for and free of disease.

If interested, the catalogue is free but I expect JJ would appreciate about $2
(or #1, 8FF, 3DM) to cover costs. JJ will quote for the cost when you
sdubmit the order. Orders outside of Europe are difficult due to
paperwork (phytos, CITES, etc, so group orders are a good idea).
Expect to be charged between 25%-35% for the necessary paperwork if outside Europe.

Exchange of plants: JJ will exchange for interesting plants he doesn'ty have
already. JJ requests that UK residents or Nurseries
interested use me (Paul Temple) as an intermediary. Other
non-french speakers who can speak English can also make
offers through me. Alternatively you can try direct but I
do speak French which helps JJ.
In case you wonder, I do NOT take a cut for this service!
I'm JJ's friend so I do it to help him.

I will try to publish the full list of plants if I get time.