kevin snively (
Wed, 20 Jul 94 19:25:07 PDT

I've found an intresting Non CP specific
book that you growers of southwestern
Australian CP might want to add to your
collection of reading material if you get
the chance. The title is

Kwongan "Plant Life of the Sandplain"

ISBN 0 85564 228 9.
ISBN 0 85564 230 0 (pbk.).

Copyright 1984
Edited by J. S. Pate & J. S. Beard
University of Western Australia Press.

It was writen for a conference
held in Perth devoted to Mediterranean
Terrestrial Ecosystems. Although much
of the book is beyond my curent education
and I could use some help from our net
botinasts with a few words I can't find
in the dictionary I still feal like I
have learned more about the S.W. Au.
_Drosera_ habitat than I've learned
from all the CP books I own combined.
There are lots of Climate maps, vegitation
maps, and data about both. There is a small
amount of CP specific information but it is
minor relative to the rest of the text.


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