Its not just a good idea...

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Wed, 20 Jul 94 22:51:52 MST

>If anyone wants to face this issue head-on, maybe someone could write to
>USFWS to see if there's a way folks who have some evidence of origin
>could apply for a permit and, up to a given time limit, let's say,
>without "penalty"/etc.... Although I agree that USFWS permitting is a
>cumbersome bureaucratic process, I think it's a good idea (for lack of
>any better way to track who owns legitimate vs. field-raped plants).


A concern I have about this is that it is largely unenforceable. Suppose
I have some legally documented _S.oreophila_, which then makes a few
hundred seeds. I would conceivably need a few hundred permits....
Actually, I suppose that the problem is not that the regulations are
unenforceable, but rather that it is unrealistic to try to simultaneously
produce seed and breed plants while legally meeting the requirements of
the regulations. Such unrealistic regulations breed contempt for the law,
both by the populace as well as the law enforcement agencies.

(rant and rave segment)
Anyway, with the exception of a few taxa, the vast majority of the pressure
exerted on Sarracenia populations does not come from collection, but rather
from the 95+% destruction of wetland habitats in the S.E. U.S. Oooh, it
burns me up when I hear people whining about rainforest destruction in
South America. It's so damned easy for people to bitch about what other
countries are doing, while in the US we merrily drain our assets away.