Re: desperation and mould

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Thu, 7 Jul 1994 17:00:38 -0400

I have used Benlate in the past for damping off problems with seedlings, but
never for sooty mold. Since I used the last of my old supply a while ago I
have been unable to find it on the market. It's good to here that there is
some alternative.

As to Barry's comment, I believe Benlate is the name brand for Dupont's
benomyl. Florida growers had tremendous problems with the Dupont stuff, not
only first year plant problems but claims of residual problems over the next
three or four seasons on treated property, plus all kinds of claims for health
damages. I hadn't heard about the court results Jeff mentioned.

As for sooty mold, it seems to run in cycles for me, some years Sarrs. have it
and some years they don't. This year I have very little. In my experience
tho, it is more of a problem of looks, I have never identified any damage to
plants. How about you Barry?

Another thing, it seems most associated with plants with heavy nectar
production (guess that's obvious). One year, some of my indoor Sarrs. produced
so much nectar that long stringy droplets formed. It seems to me that soot
problems were worse that year, hard to remember. Is it possible that the mold
enhanced nectar production?

Tom in Fl