desperation and mould

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Thu, 7 Jul 94 12:12:10 MST

Thanks for the suggestions on the identity of my misplaced
correspondent. Gordon Snelling suggested it might have been Robert
Gibson, which sounds familiar (as long as I'm not just being reminded of
the Sarracenia-botanist Gibson). Anyone have a modification of the following
address from Gordon (it looks a little strange to me)

Robert Gibson
AA8 CL-PO box 6
Leinster 6437
Western Australia

I suspect it's not Gassin, although that's a good guess. I would have
recognized Gassin's name, I think. But if anyone has his address I'd like
it---I'd be interested in writing to him.

Regarding Benlate, I recall that there was a scandal regarding this which is
still being settled in court. I believe that a formulation of Benlate (or
benomyl---I'm not sure of the difference) was used successfully for
many years. Then the manufacturer made a change they thought was minor, and
ended up killing large numbers of crops. Has all Benlate, even the original
recipe, been taken off the market?

I would like to know a good fungicide for soot on my _Sarracenia_. Despite
what has been said on this group, I have dreadful problems with sooty mould
and I grow my plants in only about 50--60% humidity and huge amounts of
air circulation (the pitchers are constantly being rattled by air currents
even to the extent that some suffer damage). While plants infested with
scale show the worst soot, all of the plants suffer. As I understand it, the
soot feeds off the sugars produced by the pests---well anyone who sees the
gobs of nectar forming on my pitcher plants can see I don't need pests to
produce mould-food!


P.S. Today's my birthday, and the greenhouse is rewarding me for another
year of serving it (!) by producing scapes on a nice clone of _U.juncea_,
_U._ sp. S.Africa, and _U. odorata_, the last two being first-time events
for me!