Re: Seedlings

John P Mugg (
Mon, 4 Jul 1994 07:03:16 -0400 (EDT)

Hello, I'm John Mugg from Michigan State University, and I manage the Botany
and Plant Pathology Teaching Greenhouses. We have over 25,000 sqare feet of
greenhouse space devoted to teaching. We have the facility set up in different
habitats including a desert, subtropical/dry house, rainforest, and butterfly
house. Included in this are special collections of orchids, (>700 sp.)
bromeliads(>150sp + hybrids), ferns(>120sp.)cacti and succulents, tropical
foliage, aquatics and carniverous plants. I brought over 15,000 school kids
through last year and was rather proud of the fact that I made most of them
about 25 different Nepenthes, some unfortunately are unamed hybrids, along with
a few Sarracenias, Pinguiculas, Droseras, Venus fly traps, Utricularias. I ,
unfortunately work with a minimum budget and the purchase of plant material is
usually beyond my means, I usually collect on my travels (My main goal in life
is to visit every Botanical Garden in the world) Anyway to make a short story
long, I have a room in the greenhouse of about 1200 sq. ft., that I wish to
convert to a carniverous plants display and would appreciate any divisions,
cuttings, seeds etc. of any carniverous plants,I am always looking for new
Nepenthes, which by the way I grow in straight Unmilled sphagnum, and they dry
out a little too fast any suggestions? Any extras will be available in our fall
sale beginning the first week of September, when the students return. Oh yeah
one more thing , I'm heading to Ecuador in August for about two weeks, what
types of Carniverous plants might be found there? I'll be visiting several
habitats while I'm there. Thanks

John Mugg Phone: (517) 355-0229
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