A quick note...

John Taylor [Catweasel] (rphjt@minyos.xx.rmit.EDU.AU)
Sat, 2 Jul 94 22:56:21 DST

Just a quick note about a couple of field observations...
The Drosera auriculata's are up now (actually they've been up for the last
month or so) and there are a few plants which are only a few inches tall
with flower buds on!
Also, I've noticed a couple of sundews which have grown up inside some of
our plastic tree-guards (if you think squirrels and racoons are bad, try
kangaroos!!). These are distinctly taller are very "dewy" compared with
others growing only inches away. It seems the small increase in temperature
and/or humidity is favourable for these plants.
I'll be keeping an eye out for interesting forms - so far the Mirboo plants
appear to be a typical "single-stem" form, and not the branched form from
our local area.
I'm also trying to re-locate the Drosera pygmae colony...


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