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Kevin Snively (ksnive@connected.com)
Mon, 27 Jun 1994 06:37:56 -0700 (PDT)

June 25 1994
The meeting came off with out a hitch with
about 20 members present from the U.S. and
Canada. It appears that it is now the clubs
concensus that we believe nominations for
officers of the I.C.P.S. should be open to
ALL QUALIFIED members of I.C.P.S. and not
just members from the U.S. If any of our
other members on the net heard different
please speak up. No one was nominated at
this time.

The Rhododendron Species Foundation
invited P.N.W.C.P.C. to set up a permanent
exhibit of hardy cp at their facility about
15 miles south of Seattle on some land they
have that is unusable for their purposes
but well suited to ours. Their Curator
Scott G. Vegera has been a member of ours
for a few years before taking this position.
We will be scheduling a meeting at the
facility for July 23,1994 at 2:00 p.m. to
begin surveing the job sight and start work
on the bog.

We also decided to drop the publication
of our own newsletter in favor of C.P.N.
as long as it continues to be published
in the timely manner that it has been since
Steve Baker took over GREAT JOB STEVE!

For me the personal highlight was
discovering that the _Cephalotous_ plant
that I thought I had sacrificed to the
gods of winter survived!!! 17 deg. F
for a week at least we're talking imbedded
in a solid block of ICE on more than one
occasion, is coming back from the rhizome!
The only protection it had was an overly
large pot and some of the landscape fabric
known as remay locally. If it wasn't my
plant I would not believe it, and I don't
expect you to either. But I'VE GOT WITNESSES!