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Mr Kg Christensen (
Mon, 20 Jun 94 13:13:58 EST

> > My name is Keith Christensen. I have been subscribed to the mailing
> > list for about 2 months now so i thought i should get around to
> > introducing myself..
> >
> > I live in australia, in the state of victoria, now you know why i
> > am surprised at the results of my nepenthes, and i can get asome
> > very cold weather. This is useful in winter, for dormancy, but i
> > have trouble growing healthy plants unless they are up against
> > the house where it is the warmest, even during summer i have this
> > problem.
> >
> Hi Keith nice to see another Aussie on the list! Which species of Nepenthes
> are you growing so well. I haven't considered growing them except in my
> office at work in plastic bags on the window sill.
> --
> Cheers
> Terry

Hi terry

a bit of a late reply been busy with assignments and exams, but
know i am able to reply to mail, and read all of the letters that
have been sent to me.

The nepenthes that I grow are N.ventricosa, a cross between
N.kahansia and N. ventricosa and a plant called a red tobica, don't
know if this is its real name or not.

It the first time i have grown these plants and are growing quite
successfully on the window sill of my bedroom. I get lots of
sunlight in my room, which keeps it heated, and the humidity stays
between 60 and 80 percent.
But i am still surprised because all of the books i had read on
tropical plants said they needed a hothouse and all of the other
special requirements, but i decided to grow them with the other
sarracenia that i have and i have had no problems at all with
them. All the plants have grown full pitches that are getting
bigger and the red tobica has grown about one a half feet since
about the easter break. So i am quite happywith the results.

check ya later