Mr Kg Christensen (
Fri, 3 Jun 94 15:20:26 EST

Hi everyone

My name is Keith Christensen. I have been subscribed to the mailing
list for about 2 months now so i thought i should get around to
introducing myself..

I have been growing carnivorous plants for about eight years now,
growing venus fly traps, sarracenia, and drosera, but have more
recently started to grow some nepenthes, which to my surprise are
growing quite well.
I live in australia, in the state of victoria, now you know why i
am surprised at the results of my nepenthes, and i can get asome
very cold weather. This is useful in winter, for dormancy, but i
have trouble growing healthy plants unless they are up against
the house where it is the warmest, even during summer i have this

well i hope i can be of use to other people on the network,

so bye for now