Don Burden (donb@iglou.com)
Sat, 18 Jun 94 14:44 EDT

There's a big heat wave here too. This is the seventh day straight where
the highs are above 90. Several years ago, the temperatures didn't reach
90 for the whole year. I'd suggest shading your Nepenthes seeds if they're
in full sun. There's a drought here too. Only .3 inches of rain for this
month so far and only an inch for the past 4 weeks. I'm using tap water
that has been sitting for 24 hours for watering CP. Outside, the watering
trays under the pots of Sarracenia totally dry out in 2 days. It's
surprising that it takes 9 gallons to fill all the trays and give all the
plants outside enough water.

I've been looking at the Allen Lowrie "CP of Australia" books, volume 1 & 2.
I got these from the local library using inter-library loan (costs $1 per
book for 2 weeks loan if they find your requested book). Why isn't
D. peltata ssp. auriculata mentioned in volume 1? What is the story of
D. barbigera / D. silvicola? The plant in volume 2, called D. barbigera,
I understand is actually D. silvicola, and looks similar to my plants
of D. silvicola. The World CP List shows that both D. barbigera and
D. silvicola are valid names. Also, in volume 2, D. pygmaea is described
as having white anthers. Nearly all of my D. pygmaea have red anthers.

Don Burden
New Albany, Indiana, USA