Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Sat, 18 Jun 94 11:28:55 MST

Hey, any woodworkers out there? I've got a 4' terrarium with a few glass
panes on the top for a lid, and two two-bulb fluorescent fixures sitting on
these panes. It looks terrible. So I'm making a hardwood hood to house these
fixtures and maybe a small dc fan for ventilation (thanks for this idea,
Shing). I'm using red oak, and have finished cutting, assembling, and
sanding. I've countersunk all the screws and covered the heads with birch
plugs which I sanded flush with the wood surface.(I know, I'm not a purist
and didn't use dowels instead of screws!). I'm using a piano hinge for the
lid, and actually the thing is starting to look pretty good. Now I want
to ``seal'' the wood. What do I do? Should I stain it or use an oil or what?
After I stain it, do I seal with with polyurethane? I might do that to the
inside of it since it will be exposed to humidity...

This is not too CPish, so responses should probably be mailed directly
to me at bmeyersrice@as.arizona.edu