Re: Bog gardens

fac robert korfhage (
Fri, 17 Jun 94 14:38:44 EDT

In response to Patrick's question on extreme cold, last winter we hit -22 F,
which is the coldest ever on record for Pittsburgh. Having grown up in
upstate New York, that was our "normal" low winter temperatures for a couple
of weeks each winter...but around here it upset people greatly. And yes, I
know a bit about Nova Scotia winters, having visited there on or about March 18
1993, following one of the really big snow storms up from Pittsburgh, through
Boston, to Halifax.

Heat? Well, I hope you have good sea breezes. We've had 93-92-95-97-97,
with several more days in the 90's on the way. Again, not terribly bad for
temperatures down South -- but this ain't down South.

I know that deep snow will provide some insulation, but despite that we had
lots of shrubbery damage here last winter, so there are limits to the

Bob K.