Bog gardens

Patrick Cox (
Fri, 17 Jun 1994 13:22:16 AST

As you will probably able to tell from my signature I live in Nova Scotia
(duh). We have bogs, peatbogs, swamps, _Sarracenia_ spp. and _Drosera_
spp. there may be more but I'm not sure. Winters can get chilly here
depending on the location in the province, but we also have moderate ones.
I have yet to go exploring a local bog for CP's. The only thing slowwing
me down is that it is either raining or I'm off visiting for the weekend.

My questions are:

What is the furthest North (lowest Zone #) that some one has a bog
garden in operation? I'm in Zone 5 (border of 5a/5b).

What type of CP's could I expect to grow here, given I can operate

Should the CP's be in pots so they can be removed and taken inside
for the winter?

I'll ask though I'll probably find out when I look in a real bog; what
other plants, besides CP's, would be nice or should be in there as

FWIW if I find CP's in this bog I'm going to check out I am not in any way
going to dig them up for my collection. I wouldn't even tell anybody that
I found some there. CP's are rare enough in NS. I'm still doing some
research for some one on the list about a _Drosera_ sp. Sorry forgot your
name at this moment, but I have a name of somebody who should know if it
is here or not.



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