Re: Hybridization trends

Phil Soderman (
Thu, 16 Jun 1994 17:46:33 -0700 (PDT)

Hi John, I have been working on intergeneric hybrids for 25 years. Some
of the more exotic hybrids required tissue culture-embryo rescue,somatic
mutation, gene transfer techniques. Working with haploid strains of VFT
and polyploid strains of a central american Monstera I have created
several unique hybrids. They have a problem in that they only eat cats.
And the animal rights people are very upset with me as are the CP people
for leading them down this path. Sarrs and VFT (trap in the bottom of
the pitcher?) talk about complicated genetic relationships. Many of the
orchid intergeneric hybrids are between somewhat related genera, other
more difficult hybrids probably just won't work say cross a cymbidium
and a Cattleya. While some hybrids are possible if the genera are too
different normal hybridization probably won't work. Phil Soderman
Thu, 16 Jun 1994, John R. Geiser wrote:

> I've been thinking alot about orchid hybrids lately. Everyone is always
> trying to make a bigger flower, different colors, etc. It then dawned on
> me that I had no idea what the trends are in CP. So what are the trends?
> Bigger pitchers? Or is everyone working to make nicer flowers on these
> interesting little plants that we are growing. Have any intergeneric
> hybrids been created (ie Sarrs and VFT, etc)? This is common in orchids
> but I have no idea how common in general.
> Comments?
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