S.rubra hard times

Thu, 16 Jun 94 17:35:10 PDT

All you S. species experts out there.... What would cause a S. rubra to
suddenly turn brownish at the tops of all the pitchers and turn
yellowish on down 1/2 the pitcher. I have nearly every S. species in
the same area and they are all doing well. There is a new growth
pitcher on this same S. rubra that looks fine. This plant has been
outside for a month and loved it and just recently finish ed flowering.
I've been careful with water levels... Basically I'm saying I hav e no
clue as to why this plant decided to dry up the upper half of it's
pitcher s.

P.S. Kevin 2 Byblis liniflora sprouted, T. Johnson believe one of your
N. maxima seeds from the bank sprouted yesterday... Kinda excited